10 November, 2011

An Evening Cup of Tea

An Evening Cup of Tea

After dinner around our house you'll hear the sounds of clean up and most of our family starting to settle in and have some downtime before bed.

Around that time you'll hear me ask: “Anyone want some tea or apple cider?”.

This is mostly a rhetorical question as I've already started to get the mugs out and the supplies to make the above. I already know by memory what the specific family members will want and how they take it.

It's more than tea or apple cider though.

It's a bonding moment for our family and being able to in just the smallest way be able to take care of them and make sure they have that warm drink before bed.

It's also a bonding time for my husband and I as we sit and discuss the days events/happenings while we've been apart.

It's more than tea or cider; it's a tradition for us.
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