03 November, 2011

Pulled BBQ Chicken

Pulled BBQ Chicken

I usually use the cheap cuts of chicken for this one. No one will notice by the end of it anyway what you used. They are too busy going back for seconds.

Wash your chicken and make sure that the skin (if you have any) is still on. This keeps it from burning and prevents it from becoming like leather. Don't ask me how I know this.

Then place on a broiler pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray into a preheated oven at 350 degrees f for 1 hour on each side.

I use this specific pan because when lined with foil on the bottom it will help to catch all the grease for me...easy cleanup!

After baking your chicken then remove the bones and place cut up pieces into a crock pot with a bottle of whatever BBQ sauce you choose on low for a couple hours.

You don't want the sauce to caramelize and burn so don't leave it in too long. You just want the sauce infused in with the chicken.

Note:  I didn't use the entire gallon of sauce for just this recipe.  I just coated it all the way through and added some more for good measure. 

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