14 November, 2011

Enter Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth. Or teeth. Can you only have one sweet tooth if you have all of your teeth? And if so then is it possible to figure out which tooth isn't helping the situation and get rid of it without messing with the other non offending teeth? Or would they take over the sweet tooth's job and then become a sweet tooth on their own? Is there a sweet tooth waiting list in your mouth?

Yikes! Ahem.

Anyway. I love sweets. Except for coconut. (Long story there; but it's a texture issue for me not a taste issue.)

So having a sweet tooth while trying to monitor and loose a few pounds here and there is a bad combination when you having ice cream that's in the freezer and you know that it's there. What I mean by that is sometimes I can convince myself that the ice cream or whatever sweets we have in the house aren't really there. Sometimes I'm really good at doing it even if I'm the one that made them in the first place. (Yeah I know crazy huh?)

One of the tricks that I've come up with with the help of my husband and Mom is to take whatever frozen fruit you might have and put it in a glass of ice water and add either a little bit of honey (if you have it; ours disappears way to fast) or some kind of sweetener. I use Equal when there isn't anything else other than plain sugar.

I get the healthy benefits of water and fruit and my system thinks it's getting something special from the sweetener.

It's a win-win situation as far as I can tell.
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