13 April, 2014

Checking Off Before the Week Begins

Checking off before the week begins...

Kitchen cleaned including dinner dishes *check*

Fridge cleaned out and groceries put away *check*

Laundry done *check*

Spending time with my love *check*

Using my camera more and scheduling posts for the week *check*

Yep...I'm okay with that

12 April, 2014

Sand Art Tears...

Even through the language barrier there is something very touching,loving and even pointed about what she is portraying.

May we always remember our past so that we can be mindful of what the future holds...

08 April, 2014

Gettin Spoiled

One of the ways that my darling husband spoils me is by buying seaweed salad.

I LOVE this stuff and could eat my weight in it.

Thank you Darling,

you're an amazing man and I'm blessed to call you mine

07 April, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

It was a snowy Friday night and yet we were treated to a wonderful meal at White Castle and a perfect evening together..I give you Valentines Day 2014

Still playing catch up here folks...it's going to be a minute lol

06 April, 2014

Epiphany 2014

Playing catch up posting photos....yes I know I'm behind a bit...

Only 4 months or so...

05 April, 2014

Bragging On The Husband....

Allow me to brag on my husband for a moment....

I have the most amazing husband there is.

 Seriously ya'll this man is awesome. (I don't just say that because the toilet now works and doesn't run all the time)

So the toilet was making an odd noise and sounded like it was running a little too much one Saturday night and I asked my darling to take a look at it and low and behold a part needed to be replaced...thankfully he also can do that too.

Following are some pictures that I took that afternoon and he was nice enough to not get frustrated with me as I did so. lol

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