01 September, 2014

A Recent Date Day

We went to Half Price Books and found a few treasures...

29 August, 2014

28 August, 2014

Finding Burdock

We thought it was a weed and went to go a hacking..

Until I was looking up various options of seeds to purchase and realized after looking at some of the full sized plants..

We already had one!

Introducing Burdock from our yard!

We will be harvesting it and putting it to use soon!

More on that later...


15 July, 2014


I'm not sure why this bothers me as much as it seems too, maybe its that instead of buying a regular sized box of noodles and I dunno....breaking them; they instead have this.

Keep in mind the regular sized noodles are actually cheaper than purchasing it this way. *sigh*

Our Evening

                                                       watching new friends meet

Check each other out....

always from a distance and never too close though....

                      One of the boys checking on things and making sure that everyone stays nice
                                                       A glass of wine with my love

                                            The ducks making sure everyone is okay too...

14 July, 2014

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