15 July, 2014


I'm not sure why this bothers me as much as it seems too, maybe its that instead of buying a regular sized box of noodles and I dunno....breaking them; they instead have this.

Keep in mind the regular sized noodles are actually cheaper than purchasing it this way. *sigh*

Our Evening

                                                       watching new friends meet

Check each other out....

always from a distance and never too close though....

                      One of the boys checking on things and making sure that everyone stays nice
                                                       A glass of wine with my love

                                            The ducks making sure everyone is okay too...

14 July, 2014

Chickens On The Front Porch

Doesn't everyone have chickens sitting on their front porch waiting to carry them to bed...

12 July, 2014

Sketching Flower

A flower my husband drew for me on his phone....

LOVE that man


May I introduce to you an interesting find at the grocery that we now frequent....

That my friends in Manteca

A big 'ole beautiful container of it


01 July, 2014

Putting Up Some Peaches

Putting Up Some Peaches....

Gather up the stuff you'll need....like peaches

a pot (or two)

some freshly washed jars, rings and lids

load up the jars with the peeled, cut peaches

have the best before dinner and finishing up snack because your husband is awesome!

add alcohol to some of the jars (one fully, 3 others 2 tablespoons full)

process in a hot water bath for 20 mins

admire your handwork

Looks awesome!!

They've all sealed and waiting to cool before removing the rings

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