27 February, 2015

I Shall Not Want...A Reflection On An Early Morning

I'm up.

And not happy about it.

I've been dealing with back pain sense I *decided* it would be a great idea to put up the chickens in not safe shoes and on fresh snow/quickly turning to ice.

On Christmas Eve

Although it's getting better (way too slowly in my opinion) sometimes I still deal with the occasional shooting pain down my spine and into my hips.

At least that was the original reason I was up at a little before midnight.


My brain can't/won't shut off.

A million things run like a marathon into my brain and hibernate for a few minutes and then leave only to be replaced by something else that I can/have to worry about.

Someone once told me if you're up and it's an odd hour God might be nudging you to pray for someone.

Okay Lord....I gotcha loud and clear

I go down the list and start praying; some I know the reasons, others only God does.  But I know He hears my prayers on their behalf,

A Psalm is brought to mind...23,,,a well known one to many..

and a line gets stuck in my head...

"I shall not want"

Beyond anything else that anyone is facing, if we are of Him than we shall not want

So thankful I was able to be open to listening to what He has to tell me and while praying for others be ministered to as well.
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