18 June, 2012

How To Use A Percolator To Make Coffee

We will use our percolator at least 4 times a week to make the morning coffee with and probably a lot more if we would just make the time.  Here's a step by step with pictures for using one.

Start with your coffee maker

 Open the lid and remove the inside including the basket and fill with water till just below the holes. 

Put the inside back in but keep the basket out. (It's where you're going to put your coffee.)

Put about 3 or so tablespoons of coffee into the basket and put the lid back on it after fitting it back onto the inside of the percolator.

Shut the lid and turn on medium high or so for about 20 minutes.  You're looking for the dark liquid (coffee) to come up to the top (where the clear part is) and be about the color of  "regular" coffee.  Do not lift up the top as you WILL get burned!

Remember the entire thing will be HOT so use caution! I usually use a pot holder or dish rag to hold it with.


*Always be careful when using this and things like it that involve extreame heat.  I'm not responsible for anybody getting hurt. *

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