11 June, 2019


Between the weather change and stress; I’ve got myself a flare.  For those that don’t know; I’m auto immune, which one(s) you might ask? So far not sure; blood work has been negative on all four of the types of Lupus, I don’t have MS or RA so that’s good news.  I do have “at least Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome “ as per the Joint Doc.  My joints pop in and out at will, and thankfully the Chiropractor taught my husbandhow to put everything back but my hips.

Off to bed with ice packs if I can find them.

09 June, 2019

Meal Prep Sandwich Style

For quick and easy lunches and sometimes dinner when ya just don’t feel like doing something huge...we do this instead.


Because I can get a little (cough) heavy handed on the serving size I use a scale.


Into the plastic baggie it goes.


And back into the container to store in the refrigerator.

01 June, 2019

Yard Work

We generally try and split up chores around the house and yard work is no different. I can’t start a mower to save my life; but I can push it aroundand jam to tunes with the best of them.

My husband will do the edging and if trees need cut back or the like while I do that and usually we’re done in an hour

Not to shabby.

04 May, 2019


This last week I had two vaccinations repeated; MMR and TDaP.  Why would I do that to myself you ask?

Herd immunity; protection for myself and my husband; and for those that can't.

For those that don't know; I'm a CPhT that works in a not so great area of a very large metropolitan city.  We get all kinds of people... and we want them to be/stay healthy, so the best way that I can think to do that is repeat if needed.

For the record the TDaP is basically like a bruised area (duh it went IM) and the MMR is just sore.


26 April, 2019

Random Fur Kids Stuff

so I went to use the restroom and found this

(Ignore the rug it needs replaced badly)

A dirty sock from the hamper and the trash can knocked over...


Random Thoughts

Attempting something newish (new to me)...writing on my iPad instead of my laptop.

We'll see how it goes; pain levels are spiking at this point in the evening

I had such high hopes for tonight too

I had started another load of laundry; refilled the soaps in the kitchen/bathroom; gotten ready to start cleaning the kitchen and living room

And then it hit


21 April, 2019

Easter 2019

2019; oh hello, yeah still here just apparently really quiet.., apology’s 

Had most of this last week off for Holy Week; goback tomorrow... for some reason the mortgage people expect to get a paycheck lol


After the celebrations and feasting came home; slept a bit; did some running and mowed...and it’s now after dark and past my bedtime.

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