30 June, 2014

My husbands views on a couple of things....

My husbands views on a couple of things....

People suffer because we don't help them...not because God doesn't love them. 

In the 1st world countries alone is suffering an issue for people. If we see the hungry feed them, if we see to poor bless them with a job, finances, or a gift. This is our job, it is only our greed and desire to make God fix it for us while we do nothing outside of our little comfort zone that makes stay there.

I sat back the other day and watched how people reacted seeing a children's fund commercial. In one breath they said "how could a good and loving God allow such suffering" in the other "hey lets go to Redbox and get a pizza" (one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong)

If we really cared about the suffering of others we would eat 1 meal a day of beans and rice and with the extra money send the same to 3rd world countries. 

IF we really were horrified by disease in these little villages we would go there and help era
dicate the contagion. 

If we really cared about rape in South Africa we would set up a police force to guard every woman.

If we really cared about others we would sacrifice ALL our luxury for the sake of raising their living standards not by blaming God.

Luxury is like a pie, the 1st world gets 3/4th of the thing to share with the people around, the 2nd world gets 90% of what is left. The 3rd world gets the remaining 10% which I believe comes out to about 1/20 to share with 3 Billion people.
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