04 July, 2013

4th of July 2013

As so eloquently said by my wonderful husband about today...

Happy Independence day, a day where immigrant or native born are equal. A day when the old and the young, the liberal and the conservative, the faithful and the faithless can meet together and remember the price that was so dearly paid. 

The fourth isn't about barbecues and fireworks, not about beer or sodas, it isn't about the movies or the playing sports in the backyard with friends and family. Its about the day when a rag tag group of colonists undermanned and outmatched logistically and in training won their freedom with strength of heart and steadfast conviction to stand their ground. This is the day of the underdogs and heroes.

This is the day to forget about politics (let them go tomorrow will still be there) and to remember the soldiers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. This is the day we should stand together and celebrate gratefully, this is our country all are welcome to celebrate.

So tonight when you see the red glares and hear the bombs bursting in air, remember what its all about. The celebrations that have become traditional are only a part of this holiday a part we should keep but a part that by itself means very little.
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