07 March, 2013

Listening To A Voice

Image Credit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Good-Morning-Girls/109768529062766

You're not good enough.  No one cares what you think. You're just too fat/skinny/whatever shape it is they don't like. Why are you even trying to preach and teach Christianity? You're not smart enough. You're bringing your spouse/family/friends/people that half-way know who you are down. 

Here's the one that really gets to me... Just.Give.Up. 

Ouch. That one still stings a little lot. Usually that one brings me to almost tears.  A place of just about desperation when I really just want to give up.  But guess what? We don't have to give up.  That is the father of lies, the evil one talking.  

I've heard it said that you know you're doing what you're supposed to be as a Christian when the devil won't leave you alone. 

Thank you Father for giving Your word to me to learn from and lean on and to be able to grow and feel closer to You.  You are amazing for thinking of me as Your child and knowing that You'll never leave me or give me more than I can handle.

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