10 November, 2012

REVIEW: Good Guys Love Dogs Inglath Cooper

While I was compensated for my review of this book the opinions expressed in said review are my own and do not reflect upon the author.

Good Guys Love Dogs
Inglath Cooper

As the story opens we meet two very different families that have something in common. These people are struggling with hurt; how they got to this point and where to go from here. Watching them both hurt with what the teenagers are going though is a tug on the heart strings. As each of the teenagers learns to understand what they are feeling the adults learn how to love deeper than they ever thought possible. Stretching themselves and the young people into people they never dreamed of becoming at the beginning of the book. As the book unfolds you meet a set of characters that are not only believable for real life you begin to root for them to make the best choices for all involved.
This small community of friends loves, fights and helps each other through thick and thin. They ache, rejoice, love, and cry. As you watch their lives unfold that can include the tough parenting choices that have to be made. Your heart will ache and it will make you want to reach inside and hug them as they have to make some possible life changing choices.

Through laugh and cry and twist and turn this is a definite page turner! The author has a knack and a gift for drawing the reader into the story and you won't want to put the book down once you start it!

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