19 October, 2012

Knowing What Hospitality Really Means

In our occupation as Christians there is a word that will get thrown around. Sometimes a lot sometimes not just depending on what part of the States you're in and what denomination you're with.


Yep I said it.

Your house must be open at all times to anyone and everyone and you must have coffee, tea and hot chocolate available at all times to be served in an instant with a snack of something or other that took a couple hours to prepare and a perfectly clean house with not a speck of dust anywhere. Your hair is perfectly done and makeup on (don't forget the lip gloss) you're dressed to perfection and your husband and kids look perfect and ready for a Christmas card photo shoot in all matching outfits.

Oh yeah and all that is done with a smile on your face that doesn't leave.

Or Not.

Hospitality is more than opening your house to someone; although that is part of it. It's sharing your life and your experiences and even your advice. A lot of times it's just being an ear to listen when someone needs to talk for a while.

Scripture tells us in Heb 13:2 G3588 Let not hospitalityG5381 G3361 be forgotten!G1950 [2byG1223 3thisG3778 1for]G1063 some were unawareG2990 having lodgedG3579 angels.G32

Kinda clear and concise ain't it?

Be who you are; the best that you are and God will take care of the rest.

The house, the kids...all that's just a bonus. The real value is what you're willing to offer to someone else.

May the Lord bless you on your journey

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