20 February, 2012

Menu Plan Monday Week of Febuary 20-25 2012

This is not a typical week in that our 2 year wedding anniversary is on Monday night so that means a date night for the hubs and me. Also; Lent is upon us so that means fasting from sunup 'till sundown (as much as possible for me due to blood sugar issues) :-D

Monday 2/20/2012:

Date night

Tuesday 2/21/2012:

Breakfast for Dinner

Wednesday 2/22/2012:

Fast 'till after Ash Wednesday services; bean soup

Thursday 2/23/2012:

Spiral ham with rice and potatoes

Friday 2/24/2012:

Dinner at a friend's house

Saturday 2/25/2012:

Clean out the 'fridge/ rice with ramen and cheese
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