Who We Are

Greetings to You and Yours,

We would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you. I'm Ruth Ann and my husband is Gary L.  or Fr. Leo for short. Our mission is to serve God; we are excited to tell you about our upcoming adventures and the learning process on the road to serving Him full time. A few of our hobbies include reading (especially the scriptures), photography, self sustainable living and crafts such as quilting, canning, butter making and micro scale farming. Leo and I have a few naturalist tendencies and never miss an opportunity to steward this wondrous world God made for us.

Leo has Bachelors in Pastoral Ministries and has completed all his course work for a Masters degree in Christian Ministries. He has a heart for serving others and throughout his life has felt the call to serve God full time in the ministry. I have a heart for serving others as well, a desire to work with people on a personal level and show them the love of Christ in my life. We both have a special place in our hearts for children of all ages, Leo has worked as a youth minister and as an after school teacher with the public school system in North Carolina for a number of years, I have worked as a nanny for several years.

Our life at the moment is extremely busy living in Indiana. Our ultimate goal in this training is to plant a church for the EOC wherever God places us. We intend to use the church as a base of operations to bring Christ to the surrounding areas by way of a food pantry with ready made meals (for shut-ins and the elderly), clothing ministry for the low income and homeless, and whatever other ministries that the Lord may open for us.

Within the time that we will be here in Indiana, Leo is serving in and preforming the liturgies of the EOC. These liturgies include certain prayers and hymns as well as church festivals, the celebrations and sacraments in the style of the Evangelical Orthodox Church. Though Leo is ordained as a minister, joining the EOC has required specialized training to be able to serve in the highly demanding capacity that is required of their clergy.

We humbly ask that you pray for us not only as a God fearing couple but also for our mission as a whole. Please pray that all of our needs be met on physical, spiritual, knowledgeable and financial levels. While here in Indiana the majority of Leo's time will be solely devoted to his serving as a Priest. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your time in reading this and please know that we will be praying for you also.

We hope this letter finds you in God's blessings on your life. We pray that you'll be more than blessed to hear the updates on our upcoming success in our ministry. If you find it in your heart to do so, please sew a monetary seed on behalf of our ministry.

Faithfully Trusting,

Your Brother and Sister in Christ
Fr. Leo and Ruth Ann
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